Assessment tools for Sales Growth

Equip your sales managers and team with the skills and strategies they need to make a positive difference in sales. Guide your sales professionals to superior performance with Extended DISC and Sales Competence Assessments.

Assess Sales Performance

Increase sales performance and uncover your team's greatest opportunities for development. Utilise Extended DISC psychometric tests to identify gaps in your current sales performance and adjust team members’ responsibilities to enhance sales performance and motivation. Measure the attitude of your sales team toward key behaviours in the sales process. Understand how your team currently view their level of sales competence. Recognise where a salesperson is working outside their comfort zone to identify training needs.

Identify Sales Development Needs

Whether you are new or experienced, sales people should strive to hone their skills to achieve greater confidence and motivation and ultimately boost the bottom line. Knowing exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are, as individuals and as a team, is important. Extended DISC© Sales Assessments, identify the needs and risks early, allowing you to take the right development action. By understanding their behavioural styles, your sales team can learn to communicate more effectively with their customers, improving the chance of success.

Recruit Ideal Sales Professionals

Identify competencies that are crucial to your organisation, assess your salespeople, and identify gaps in your Sales Team. Some sales roles require specialist knowledge, some require cold calling, while others require more of a personal touch. Every organisation has specific needs, approaches and a variety of sales methods. Extended DISC psychometric tests help you to hire the most suitable candidate. Save time and money on training skills to those who do not naturally fit your job role. Select salespeople who are most suited to the role and organisational goals.

Improve Sales Team Performance 

The Extended DISC model is easily applied to sales due to its simplicity and accuracy. Using Extended DISC theory in sales allows sales professionals to quickly and easily identify customer styles and adapt the sales pitch to their behavioural style.

DISC Assessments for Sales Growth

FinxS® Sales 18 Assessment identifies a sales professional’s natural, hard-wired DISC behavioural tendencies in 18 competences critical to sales success. Each of the 18 competences is deconstructed into individual behavioural competencies to allow for a very clear identification of an individual’s unique sales strengths and development areas. In addition, FinxS® Sales 18 very clearly identifies if sales professionals are performing better than their natural style predicts or if they are not using their full potential.

Measure Sales Excuse Index

Achieve sales growth with the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment. Use the Excuse Index to uncover how dedicated to sales your salespeople are. The lower the Excuse Index® percentage is, the more likely a person is to ignore non-sales activities and instead focus on actions that directly produce sales results. Managers can identify how likely their salesperson is to procrastinate on sales tasks. Use this to delve deeper into issues that could be holding your salespeople back from success.